CE4, CE5 and the CE6: Same but different.

CE6 Starter Kit

Same as CE5 but bigger

Since the introduction of the new generation electronic cigarette with the CE4, vaping has not been the same kind of experience. The CE4 incorporates among others a large 1.6 ml transparent tube making it convenient to monitor how much e-juice you are consuming. Filling the large 1.6 ml is fast and easy. The design helps eliminates burning and leaking. Aside from all these features, the longer wick allows for a more consistent e-liquid to the coil, giving you a large vapor for that enjoyable smoke. When you fully charge the eGo battery, it can provide you with 6 to 8 hours of use. The moment you decide to purchase the CE4 starter kit, everything is included for the  enjoyable vaping experience you have been waiting for. Included in the trial starter kit are the following: 1 eGo CE4 cartomizer tip, 1 eGo battery in 650 mAh, 1 eGo USB charger, 1 bottle of e-liquid in 10 ml and 1 eGo mini portable case.

What About The CE5?

If the CE4 offers all of these then what about the CE5 or the CE6? The CE5 and the CE6 are identical apart for the fact that the CE6 has a larger tank holding 2.4 ml as opposed to the CE5’s 1.6ml. The eGo clearomizer is a combination of the atomizer and the cartomizer in one package. Because it is in a clear container, it is dubbed as clearomizer. This is one difference that the CE5 has over the CE4 but that is not all there is. The CE5 has similar features with the CE4. It has the same large 1.6 ml transparent tube for easy filling and monitoring of your e-liquid consumption. It has longer wicks to make a consistent flow of e-liquid to the coil. The clearomizer tip is designed to prevent leaking, as well as burning. It produces a large vapor for more enjoyable vaping. A fully charged eGo battery provides you with 6 up to 8 hours of continuous use.
The CE5 comes in longer and a little heavier that the CE4. It comes with the following inclusions: 1 eGo CE5 clearomizer tip, 1 eGo CE5 clearomizer coil head, 1 eGo C5 clearomizer clear tube, 1eGo clearomizer base, 1eGo batteries set in 650 mAh, 1 eGo USB charger, 1 bottle of e-liquid in 10 ml container, 1 eGo mini portable case. When you make a direct comparison of product items and inclusion in the trial starter kit arena, the CE5 comes out better than its predecessor. There are similar items in the list but which are not really performance or vaping related. They come with the same USB charger and the same battery specs of 650 mAh or 100 mAh. This means that both models have a usage time of 6 to 8 hours per charge.

The CE5/CE6 Difference

The distinct difference in the CE5/CE6 and the CE4 goes beyond the items included in the trial starter kit area. The difference is in innovations in the product design, manifested in component assembly. The CE5/CE6 comes in three separate replaceable components. If one component malfunctions, you don’t have to throw away your trial starter kit or regular kit but simply buy and reply the defective component. Other models that come in cartridge type do not have this kind of advantage. With replaceable parts, you will certainly enjoy vaping for a longer time without the need to change your e-cigarette. The three separate replaceable components are guaranteed not to break down easily. However, if one or two of the three replaceable components on your CE5 does break down, you can easily get a replacement part. Replacing any component only takes in a few minutes at most.
When you compare the CE5 / CE6 and the CE4, they may look similar but they really are two entirely different models. Each model suits your price preference and lifestyle. If you prefer to throw buy and throw away later, the CE4 may suit you. But if you prefer something you can keep for longer then the CE5 will suit you better. Both products come in three colors: Black, White and Stainless Steel. So what is the verdict of the CE5/CE6 versus the CE4? The CE5 tops the CE4 because it is essentially re-buildable. You can exchange any of the three separate components, vaping is a new experience with the CE5.

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