CE5 Clearomizer

The eGo CE5 transparent clearomizer, is the new generation of eGo CE4 cartomizers. The unit is expandable with changeable parts making it far more economical and a cinch to fill and maintain.

eGo CE5 clearomizer exploded view



Easy to fill, remove inhaler tip, fill with e-liquid and screw back inhaler tip, job done.
Large capacity, can hold about 1.6ml of E-liquid.
Fits nicely on any eGo giving a clean finished look.
Transparent tube clearomizer, you can see how much you have used.
Longer wicks for more consistent flow of e-liquid to the coil in any position.
Separable parts comprised of a changeable coil head and clear tube.
No burning, no leaking. great vapor.
Works with all of eGo Series batteries.

An eGo-CE5 clearomizer set includes:
eGo CE4/CE5 clearomizer tip
eGo CE5 clearomizer coil head
eGo CE5 clearomizer clear tube
eGo CE5 clearomizer base


Close up of the CE5 Clearomizer

eGo ce5 clearomizer structure

eGo CE5 clearomizer individual parts



Resistance: 3.0 Ohms (Normal) or 2.0 Ohms (Low)
Diameter: 14mm
Length: 75mm (with tip)
Weight: 17g
E-liquid content:about 1.6ml


The following is a list of batteries that can be used with the eGo CE5 clearomizer?

eGo battery, eGo MEGA battery, eGo LCD battery, eGo LCD MEGA battery, eGo USB pass through battery

eGo CE5 clearomizers use most eGo battery types


Changing the coil head on the eGo CE5 Clearomizer:

Step 1: Unscrew the clearomizer tube from base.
Unscrew eGo CE5 clearomizer tube

Step 2: Unscrew the coil head from the top of the base assembly.

Changing the coil head on the eGo CE5 Clearomizer


Step3: Screw the new eGo CE5 clearomizer coil head into the CE5 clearomizer base again;

How to change the eGo CE5 clearomizer coil head


Step4: Screw the clearomizer tube back into the clearomizer base.

eGo CE5 clearomizer base assembly



How to fill e-liquid to the eGo CE5 cartomizer(clearomizer):
Step 1: Cut off the top of bottle;
How to open a 10 ml e-liquid bottle

Step 2: Unscrew the tip from the tube.

eGo CE5 clear clearomizer tip assembly


Step 3: Fill the CE5 cartomizer with e-liquid.
Using an e-liquid bottle or a syringe, fill the clearomizer by pouring the liquid down the side wall. Best to not let the e-liquid get in the center hole which is used for air flow. If some liquid does get in you can blow through the air flow hole to remove it.

how to fill a CE5 Clearomizer with e-liquid


Step 4: Screw the clearomizer tip back into the CE5 clearomizer tube (do not over tighten as the screw could lose its thread).

screw the eGo CE5 clearomizer mouthpiece tip on gently

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