Electronic Cigarette – Burnt taste and leaking e-liquid

*[This article was written a while ago with the older CE5 wick type ecigs in view, with the more up to date VAMO / NEMESIS type ecigs it would seem to me that burnt taste is a thing of the past]

Since the inception of the electronic cigarette modifications have been made in abundance, such is the nature of man; the inner desire to make a good thing better, stronger, faster, more reliable and in the case of the electronic cigarette,┬átastier, less leaky and with greater storage capacity. Earlier model electronic cigarettes suffered from leaking cartridges and occasionally a burned taste, mainly due to the cartridge capacity being low, running dry and burning the fiber in the cartridge when vaped. Then along came the eGo CE4 which is capable of storing 1.6 ml of e-liquid, and uses a wick system which is much less prone to burning. But the CE4 was not rebuild-able and had to be replaced entirely when it’s internal components broke down. It’s successor the CE5, however has individual replaceable components making it much cheaper to maintain; it is less prone to leaking as the liquid is sealed in its tube keeping the long wicks moist even when the e-liquid level gets low.


electronic cigarette CE5 clearomizer

Electronic cigarette – CE5 and burned taste

This is one of the main selling points of the CE5 and generally it does a good job. However it is not impossible to get a burned taste occasionally while using the CE5. There are various reasons why this might happen one of the obvious being that the e-liquid is almost completely dried. I have found that leaving a CE5 clearomizer lying on it’s edge when there is not much e-juice in the container so exposing the wicks, will cause them to dry out a little, so the first few drags can have that dry burned flavor. This is especially true if you use multiple clearomizers and leave some of them half filled and unused for an extended period of time. The solution is easy to remedy, either keep the clearomizer topped up or give it a bit of a twirl before you vape to make sure that the wicks are well soaked in e-liquid.

electronic cigarette CE5 atomizer wick tube

The other thing I noticed which occasionally produces the burned taste is if I vape for too long, by which I mean hold the button down continuously for every drag while sucking like I’m gasping for air, something I do frequently. This also tends to make the electronic cigarette hot, which is a tell tale sign. My theory is that the wicks can only move so much juice so fast into the atomizer and going over that limit dries the wick during vaping. Whenever this happens I usually stop vaping, turn the electronic cigarette upside down, then twist it around so that the wicks get soaked again, which usually this cures the problem.

Finally, if it seems that there is a persistent burned taste it may be that the wick got to hot while being too dry at some point, so that the taste becomes deeply engrained in the wick. The nice thing about the CE5 is that you can take it apart and wash the wick under the tap, perhaps with a little washing up liquid, but in in the worst case scenario, where it seems that the taste is permanent it’s relatively cheap to replace the wick altogether, that’s the great thing about the eGo CE5. The CE5 starter kit come with 5 wicks, which should be enough to keep you vaping burnt taste free for at least a few months.


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